It's not that easy being Green, or so the song goes.....


Everyone is trying to be green these days. At Clark Farms, we've been green for a really long time.  Before I graduated from college in 1989, Clark Farms grew mostly vegetables.  Sweet Corn was the dominant crop and the buzz word of the day was "IPM" or Integrated Pest Management.  Back then, we were among the very first to adopt the new technology of monitoring pest populations with pheromone traps to determine if there even were any bugs that needed to be sprayed before spending a lot of money on unnecessary chemicals.


Today, IPM is almost old news and nearly all growers use it in some form or another.  Times have changed, there are ever more technologies available to help us control our pest problems.  Our latest and favorite method is nearly as old as the earth itself.  Bugs!

Bugs are helping us eliminate the need for chemical insecticides in our greenhouse crops.  Since 2006, we have been using beneficial insects to control all kinds of pests with great success.  After four years of working with the bugs we've eliminated over 95% of our pesticide usage.beneficial_insect.jpg

Best of all it saves us tons of time & money. Additionally, we do not have to worry about all those chemicals of which we do not know the long term effects.  Instead of staying late at night to spray after all the employees are gone, we get to go home and spend time with our families while the bugs do the work for us...

It is easy to be green! 

-Richard Clark