Screen Planting Study Mod.JPGThe key to a successful project begins with a singular, shared vision between the client, designer and contractor. This vision is communicated through a quality design.

Quality designs allow the details of construction to be carefully considered and budgeted. The ultimate goal is to confidently proceed knowing all options have been explored, while fully understanding all components of the project. It is better to realize limitations on the drawing board rather than in the midst of construction.

For various reasons, some projects require a phased approach to construction.  A design enables seamless phasing of construction, ensuring elements installed in the first phase will not interfere with later phases of the project.  It also helps manage costs by utilizing construction efforts to the fullest potential in preparation for later phases.

Plus, having a plan in place and a budget worked out means your project is shovel ready when you are.

The added benefit of a design is that it ensures the client clearly understands what they are purchasing before work is completed

When successful, a design results in a finished product exceeding the clients expectations.

Clark Farms can provide you with the expertise which will ultimately set your project above the rest. Regardless of the scope of your project, our skills will ensure that you have invested wisely and received the best value.